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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the website asks to store on your computer. Cookies contain information to give you access to various functions, such as shopping carts, and wishlist. A cookie can also be used to gather statistics about your browsing habbits.

Cookies on the MultiTriathlon website

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for website traffic analysis, to better understand how users use our website, and in order to improve its functionality.

We use cookies in order to show some targeted products and recommendations to users

We use cookies in order to determine which marketing channels bring traffic to our site


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics as a webanalysis tool. The cookies that Google Analytics use on this website store the following informationrmation om

- when you first visited the website
- when you last visited the website
- when your current visit first started
- how many times you visisted the website
- the ID of your browser
- how you first came to the site (via which source/referal)

You can find more information about Google Analytics policies at https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en


We use Critey as a marketing provider, and in order to provide good recommednations to you. These cookies are used so that we can accurately track what traffic Ciriteo brings to the site and pay them accordingly for their marketing efforts.V

You can find more about Criteos policies here: https://www.criteo.com/privacy/


This cookie is used for you to be able to provide Reviews on our products, and for us to provide accurate product recommendations based on review data.
You can find more about their policy here: https://www.lipscore.com/privacy-policy


We use Clerk.io in order to provide product recommendations accross the site.


När filmer som vi har bäddat in från någon av våra Youtubekanaler spelas används kakor av Youtube.com.


We use LiveAgent as a service provider, in order to give you a better customer service. This cookie is required for the 'Contact us' bubble on the page to function correctly.

You can find their policy here:: https://www.ladesk.com/security-privacy-policy/


Så förhindrar du att kakor lagras
Om du inte vill tillåta lagring av kakor på din dator kan du stänga av funktionen i din webbläsares inställningar, "Privat surfning". Detta innebär dock att vissa funktioner på vår webbplats inte kommer att fungera för dig.

Du kan när som helst radera kakor från din webbläsare.
Du kan ändra inställningarna i din webbläsare så att den inte tillåter att kakor sparas.